Cubic stone in Romania. Andesit stone is a rock of volcanic origin. Dark, gray or gray in color with a relatively low silicon (SiO2) content usually less than 50%. Andesite is a heavy, hard and resistant rock and has a microcrystalline or glassy structure. Natural material with high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance to organic solvents, acids and inorganic salts. Cubic stones are cubic shaped elements obtained by cracking with hydraulic presses. Using cubic stone you will get a high aesthetic and technical result, because it has a strong adaptability to different modes of use thus obtaining a great freedom of aesthetic customization. Cubic andesite stone has been used since ancient times, due to the fact that it is very durable.

With a very low degree of water absorption (between 0.1-0.3%) it is very resistant to weather, traffic, and is attractive in design. In the public domain, it is very successful in paving parking lots, sidewalks, access roads or even public roads and infrastructure. T.N.Stones with a tradition in the field of natural stone offers cubic andesite granite stone with a superior quality.

As a manufacturer and importer of natural stone, Rocas Decor owns the largest warehouses in Romania where we offer over 400000 sqm of marble plywood, granite plywood, travertine plywood, slate plywood and limestone with multiple sizes and finishes. : antique, matte, brushed or polished, as well as granite slabs, marble, travertine, slate, natural stone from which we work on request kitchen countertops, countertops for bathrooms, natural stone tables, steps and countertops, interior or exterior windows, fireplaces , washbasins or any other application customized to your needs. In any of our locations you will always find competitive prices and attractive promotions.


  We provide customers with the best services: consulting and installation for cubic stone that we produce in a wide range, andesite curbs, gutters, etc! For cubic stone works, we offer a 10-year warranty!

We have permanently in stock natural stone in large quantities. We offer pedestrian curbs and car curbs, gutters, pavers, anthracite granite slabs. here the offer of cubic stone!

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