Luxury marble and granite.  Another world ! Another approach in Natural Stone! Art, luxury, style, refinement.

The perfect scenery for your unique, living, personalized place. This is the world we offer you through a new, exclusive show-room, located in Cluj Napoca str. Campina no.62.

Marble, granite, quartzite, onyx that breathes in vibrant colors and amazing shapes, symbols that subtly lead you to the essence.  The eternal nature through an absolute triumph over the ephemerality of the created art. An elite show for the refined and pretentious. We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire our clients with the most suitable natural stone surfaces. Due to our knowledge, we are able to recommend unique surfaces and finishes. For both interior and exterior furnishings, regardless of their size, to make amazing projects together.

Our passion for quality, our attention to detail qualifies us as the most appropriate choice for recommending materials that are appropriate to your style. The natural stone offered is imported from the most important careers around the world. And is ideal for use in custom projects. We have a wide range of natural stone, marble, granite, travertine, onyx. With chromatic valves ranging from subtle and ethereal shades of white, cream, to vibrant shades of red, deep blue or deep green, all of which are intended to provide style and life to your interior.

Luxury marble and granite by Rocas Decor
We can offer you free consultancy in choosing natural stone and granite in Cluj Napoca and in all the showrooms in the country and we can make a personalized offer for you to benefit from the most efficient solution for the projects in which we will collaborate! Natural Stone Offer