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Sigla Rocas Decor
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marble medallion

Marble medallion by Rocas Decor. ‘Art washes the soul of all the dust of every day of our life’ … said a famous artist … When it comes to decorating the spaces, the natural stone is an inexhaustible source … only imagination to have, and who to translate it into reality.

And the stone medallions, with a long history in art, are the supreme note of elegance. Typical of Greek mosaic works, the stone medallion enclosed in an ornamental frame often represented a high-class reproduction of a famous painting.

It takes the eye of an artist and the skill of a master to complete such a work, and we have them. We complete the recipe with your imagination or our suggestions, and the result is that all the dust of the day disappears  because „Art washes the soul of all the dust of every day of our life”.

Natural stone showroom in Romania. Rocas Decor offers the finest blend of price, quality, craftsmanship, reliability and qualitative services. As a direct importer of natural stone , we can offer exceptional quality products on a consistent and timely basis with competitive prices. We produce any model you want.

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Church Medallion 1

Church Medallion 2

Church Medallion 3

Church Medallion 4

Church Medallion 5

Medallion of marble by Rocas Decor

Only at us you can find the best prices for natural stone, granite, travertine, marble, composites, slate and new products. Every month we offer promotional prices for almost all  our products. You will find the new promotions and models only in our showrooms in the country at the best prices for marble, granite and travertine on the market!

Medallion of marble in  Cluj Napoca| Timisoara|  Bucuresti| Oradea| Sibiu| Bistrita| Zalau|

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