Marble mosaic handmade art. „The true painting for eternity” (Domenico Ghirlandaio, 15th century). The stone mosaic is an art form that has survived from antiquity until today, having a fascinating history. Mosaic can be defined as the art of beautifying surfaces – floors, walls or vaults – with drawings made of stone pieces, fastened together.

The mosaic can display various models, ranging from simple, monochrome floors, to black and white drawings and from complex polychrome floral patterns. , to ambitious painting compositions. It is not known exactly who invented the mosaic. ”Since the 19th century, countless town halls, opera houses, churches and other buildings have been adorned with new methods of making and applying stone mosaics.

The mosaic can be executed from almost any type of natural stone. Marble, travertine, granite, onyx, and, due to its spectacularity. It is used to artistically renovate any interior and exterior fittings: bathroom, kitchen, pool, hallways, offices, decorative borders etc. Depending on the desired effect, the finishes can be polished, antique, scratched, etc. Being fixed to the net, the mosaics are easily mounted and the effect obtained is remarkable.

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