Natural stone sealer  STONETECHN.

Regardless of the type of stone you have – slate, limestone, granite, travertine, marble, the correct choice of cleaning, maintenance, and protective treatment products is essential to prevent staining. Limestone deposits or other substances that cause damage to horizontal or vertical stone surfaces. The impregnation of stones represents the process of applying a surface treatment for natural stone products, in order to delay their coloration and corrosion. The natural stone contains in its structure capillary channels interconnected. Highly porous stones, such as limestone, absorb liquids relatively quickly, while higher density stones, such as granite, are significantly less porous. They absorb smaller volumes and slower, especially when they absorb liquids.

Granite, Quartzite, travertine, Marble, Onyx – all natural stones that come across as tough, but in reality have natural weaknesses. The one weakness they all have in common is porosity, which means that they are susceptible to absorbing liquids. Each type of stone varies in porosity, but every stone is somewhat porous. If left unprotected, most natural stone will stain from simple spills, sweating glassware, drippy soup spoons, spattering grease, citrus juices and pretty much any liquid that is commonly found in the kitchen. This blog delves into how to protect your natural stone, especially by properly using a sealant.

STONETECHN sealer  protects your natural stones against stains, dust, acid rain, mildew, fungus, UV rays, oils, efflorescence and freeze/thaw cycles.

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Natural stone sealer.STONETECHN