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Onyx countertop and wall panel

Onyx countertop and wall panel – an impressive decorative stone for your home. Onyx stone is a colorful variety of chalcedony that belongs to the minerals in the quartz group, just like Agate. Onyx was among the favorite gems of antiquity. Skilled craftsmen and engravers have carved from it ashes, pottery, vases, various decorative objects. Meant to beautify the rich tables and the ambience of the rooms.
Commonly encountered in variations of black or white – with use especially in jewelry. The onyx can be found in a variety of shades – translucent white, yellow-honey, beige, pink, rust or intense shades of green and red. All accentuated through games of strong and expressive nerves.

Onyx is a translucent semiprecious stone, of rare beauty, recommended mainly for the interior. Vertical cladding, interior floors, countertops, tables or other ornamental elements, decorative walls – all extremely elegant, especially if they are enhanced by lighting (due to semi-transparency, this way the unique veins of the material can be highlighted).
The new trend again brings to the attention of designers and designers the spectacular effects that can be obtained with this special material.

We process and install Onyx countertop and wall panel, marble and granite steps and window sills in a short period of 2-3 days. We offer quartz composite kitchen countertops, black and white marble steps, granite window sills for exterior and interior.  We have in stock large quantities of natural stone that you can see in our showrooms. We offer you the best price for travertine and marble in Romania.   browse our large selection  ! 


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onyx countertop and wall panel
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onyx countertop and wall panel
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