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Slate natural stone

Slate natural stone. The consistent colour of our  Slates is perfect for contemporary homes, while the riven varieties with a textured surface lend themselves to a more rustic and traditional interior.

Slate is a sedimentary rock made of clay with fine granules and volcanic ashes, reinforced by the pressure and high temperatures 400-500 million years ago. The forming mode results in a stratification that allows thin sheets to burst without much effort. It has a very low absorption rate (less than 0.4%). The color, relatively uniform, does not exclude a wide variety of tones: different shades of gray, green, red, even blue-violet.

Slate natural stone is a classic, absolutely natural material, perhaps the oldest material used for roofing, insulating boards or floor tiles. It continues to fascinate, remaining in the top preferences of architects offering it with joy for exclusive works. Roofs, facades , exterior or interior pavements, steps and risers, windows sills for exterior and interior.

We process and install slate and granite steps and window sills in a short period of 2-3 days. We offer quartz composite kitchen countertops, black and white marble steps, granite window sills for exterior and interior.  We have in stock large quantities of natural stone that you can see in our showrooms. We offer you the best price for slates tiles and marble in Romania.     browse our large selection  ! 


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Black Calibrated Slate 

Black Calibrated Roofing

Gray Green Slate

Lesvos Panel


Montauk Black Natural 

Sikis crazy paving

Rhodos Filleto

slate natural stone

Slate Meteora Irregular

slate natural stone

Slate Meteora Stenari

slate natural stone


slate natural stone

Sikis Stenari

Slate Rusty Tiles

slate natural stone

Irregular Slate Rhodes

Terra Lava Black Panel

Natural Stone Rocas Decor

Only at us you can find the best prices for slate natural stone, granite, travertine, marble, composites, slate and new products. Every month we offer promotional prices for almost all  our products. You will find the new promotions and models only in our showrooms in the country at the best prices for travertine on the market!

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