Travertine treads and risers

Travertine treads and risers for your stairway. Have you a new construction or a remodeling project?  We offer you the stair parts to help you complete the job. Choosing the right natural stone for treads and risers can transform an ordinary stairway into a beautiful focal point in your home. Stair stringers are the foundation of any staircase. Travertine is the most beautiful and durable material for classic-look stringers.

Stair risers (or kick plates) are used to transition between the stair treads and can complement or contrast with the tread finish. Travertine risers have been a trendy choice. The last years with the increasing popularity of natural stone flooring, matching stair treads have been made available to help complete a total flooring surface area. You can choose from our variety of finishes: polished, honed, brushed, flamed.

Let a Rocas Decor agent help you choose by our selection for your new stairs. Ask for price !

If you want to have a rustic or contemporary image of your stairs, the travertine is the right material with a honed  surface that is unique. When choosing a classic design, a creamy color of a natural stone   is everything that you’re looking for.

We offer the lowest price for travertine treads and risers in Romanian market. In a short time we produce steps and countertops, window sills, kitchen countertop and island according to the customer’s dimensions. We offer natural stone installation service all over the country and in Europe. Good quality and low price.

Travertine treads and risers

Travertin Light Cross Cut Honed
If you want a rustic or contemporary image of your stairs , the Light Cross Cut Cut travertine is a honed material with a honed surface that is unmatched. When choosing a rustic design, a creamy color or a natural stone from the travertine that has a natural finish is everything that you’re looking for.
Dimensions: 2cm or 3cm thick

Travertin Noce Cross Cut Honed
A method of modernizing your stairs is plating them with travertine. This style will suit any room because it’s simple. This way your travertine stairs get a special elegance, they are easy to maintain and they brighten the space they are applied to.

Travertin Classic Vein Cut
Travertine Classic Vein Cut – honed finish material. Can be used both for stacking the tops, glazing both inside and outside the house. It has thermal insulation properties and properly used, it can completely change the space in which it is used.

Travertine tiles

Lastra from Travertine Vein Cut Cream is a glossy finish material. Travertine continues to be used in interior and exterior applications in various shapes, stairs, countertops, window sills and their aesthetic value will certainly never go out of fashion.

Travertin Yellow Vein Cut Glossy
Travertin Yellow Vein Cut Glossy – Lastra from Travertin Yellow Vein Cut Glossy is a smooth material with a glossy finish that you can use to decorate the stairs inside your home. Stairs from travertine yellow at the best price.