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Travertine mosaics and Borders

Travertine Mosaics and Borders. Offer a special touch of elegance combining the travertine with mosaic and brass. Travertine is a type of natural stone, like granite or marble. With this wide range of textural styles, a warm and buttery color palette like rust, beige, white, black, yellow, brown, silver, noce, Ivory and a durable composition travertine makes a timeless yet trendy addition to any project.

We offer travertine slabs and tiles for one of the hottest and most elegant interior design. Travertine, which is commonly used for both flooring and backsplash, is available in six basic styles or textures: Brushed, Honed, Polished, Tumbled, split face, and raw natural.

We cut to your size in a few days steps, window sill, coundertop. With over 15 years of experience and focus on customer satisfaction, you can count on us for your next project. We offer professional installation services.

Natural stone showroom in Romania. Rocas Decor offers the finest blend of price, quality, craftsmanship, reliability and qualitative services. As a direct importer of natural stone , we can offer exceptional quality products on a consistent and timely basis with competitive prices.

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Mosaic Travertine Light

Mosaic Travertine Noce

Mosaic Travertine light 4.8×4.8

Mosaic Travertine Noce 4,8×4,8

Mosaic Travertine Mixed

Mosaic Travertine Autumn Leaves Polished 2,3×2,3

Mosaic Travertine Autumn Leaves Polished 2,3×4,8

Mosaic Travertine Noce Tumbled 2,3×4,8

Mosaic Travertine Light Tumbled 2,3×4,8

Mosaic Travertine Autumn Leaves Tumbled 2,3×2,3

Medallion Mosaic Travertine 01

Medallion Mosaic Travertine 02

Medallion Mosaic Travertine 03

Molding Autumn Leaves

Molding Light

Molding Yellow

Molding Noce

Pencil Autumn Leaves

Pencil Light

Pencil Yellow

Pencil Noce

Border 01


Border 10


Border 15

Travertine Mosaics and Borders. Only at us you can find the best prices for natural stone, granite, travertine, marble, composites, slate and new products. Every month we offer promotional prices for almost all  our products. You will find the new promotions and models only in our showrooms in the country at the best prices for travertine on the market!

travertine tiles in  Cluj Napoca| Timisoara|  Bucuresti| Oradea| Sibiu| Bistrita| Zalau|Brasov

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